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Amazing artwork!

August 3, 2011

One of our favorite things about school visits is coming face to face with walls of work inspired by the Jaguar Stones books. The students blow us away with their ideas. We’ve been given stories, poems, posters, animations, paintings, collages, postcards Max has sent from the jungle, and wonderful 3-D projects, like models of the characters. One student (see below) even made outfits for each character and hung them on tiny hangers in custom closets. We can’t fit everything in our suitcases, but we love to bring home as much artwork as possible and hang it in the room where we write. Here’s a little taste of the amazing work we saw on our Spring book tour.

This school decorated their halls with posters and sculptures from the Jaguar Stones series. This wall map shows the five sacred pyramids of the Monkey river.

This student made dolls of four characters from our book. Ah Pukuh - Maya god of death (note eyeballs in headdress); Hermanjilio - a Maya archaeologist; Lady Coco - a howler monkey with culinary talents; Lord Six-Dog, Maya king.

This student wrote and designed a hilarious tourist guide to Xibalba, the cold, wet Maya underworld, "a wonderful place full of suffering, misery and sorrow."

This student made little closets for some of the characters in the book with their clothes on hangers. Here are two items from Ah Pukuh's closet.

This student made an ABC book with definitions for each entry. Inside you'll find: A is for archaeologist, B is for Bak'tun, and so on ...

At the Canarelli Middle School the whole class wrote postcards from one Middleworld character to another. This student wrote a postcard from Max to Zia.

This atmospheric acrylic-on-canvas painting is over 3 foot wide and now sits above the doorway in our writing room. It shows the pyramid of Maya rain god Chaak and the underground river.

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